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Eric Libby

Assistant professor at Umeå University interested in the evolution of biological complexity

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Talks and Seminars

  • IAL8 International Association for Lichenology (2016) “Is a lichen an evolutionary individual?”

  • Evolution conference (2016) “Predicting Life’s Tape”

  • SciWrite (2016) “Evolution of Multicellularity”

  • University of Arizona’s quantitative biology colloquium series (2016) “The Evolution of New Kinds of Individuals”

  • The Evolutionary Ecology of Complex Investment Strategies (2015) “Phenotype switching, life cycles, and oddities of optional paths”

  • Information Theory, Ecosystems, and Schrodinger’s Paradox II (2015) “Exploring Organismality with a Lichen”

  • Conference on Complex Systems (2015) “Aggregative group formation in the transition to multicellularity”

  • Gordon Conference on Molecular Mechanisms in Evolution (2015) “The Evolution of Primitive Developmental Programs from a Stochastic Response”

  • Astrobiology Science Conference (AbSciCon) (2015) “Evolution of a Primitive Developmental Program en route to Multicellularity”

  • Organismality Conference (2015) “Computing the Individual”

  • Major Transitions in Natural, Synthetic, and Artificial Evolution (2014) “Early Steps in the Transition to Multicellularity’’

  • Information Theory, Ecosystems, and Schrodinger’s Paradox (2014) “A framework for optimal high-level descriptions in science and engineering”

  • Station biologique de Roscoff, France (2014) “The Evolution of Biological Complexity”

  • SFI Complex Systems in Political and Social Sciences Workshop (2014) “The Evolution of Biological Complexity”

  • ASM Conference on Experimental Evolution (2014) “Geometry Shapes Early Evolution of a Multicellular Organism”

  • University of Montana Division of Biological Sciences (2014) “Shaping the evolution of early multicellularity”

  • Princeton University Evolutionary Biology Department (2014) “Geometry shapes evolution of early multicellularity”

  • Project GUTS / Curriculum Workshop (2014) “Mathematics and Modeling in Experimental Evolution”

  • Northern New Mexico College (2014) “The Evolutionary Origins of Multicellularity: Theoretical and Experimental Approaches”

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory (2013) “Theoretical Approaches to the Evolutionary Origins of Multicellularity”

  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Department of Biology (2013) “Evolutionary Origins of Multicellularity”

  • Santa Fe Institute (2013) “Evolutionary Origins of Multicellularity”

  • Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution Annual Meeting (2012) “Modeling the Emergence of Primitive Complexity”

  • Cystic Fibrosis: Ecology, Evolution, and Eradication Workshop Telluride (2011) “Modeling Approaches of Microbial Communities in the CF Lung”

  • Centre for Applied Mathematics in Bioscience and Medicine invited speaker (2010) “Evolutionary Origins of Stochastic Switching”

  • University of Washington Department of Biology (2009) “Experimental Evolution of a Stochastic Switcher”

  • Auckland Bioinformatics Department invited speaker (2009) “The Number of Judges: Balancing Cost and Accuracy from Figure Skating to Grant Reviews”

  • McGill Physiology Department invited speaker (2007) “A Poor Man’s Juicing Of Microarray Data”

  • McGill Graduate Research Day (2006) “Probe by Probe: Detecting Differential Expression on Affymetrix Microarrays”


  • Gordon Conference on Microbial Population Biology (2017) “Paradoxes in Leaky Microbial Trade”

  • Gordon Conference on Molecular Mechanisms in Evolution (2017) “Paradoxes in Leaky Microbial Trade”

  • Gordon Conference on Microbial Population Biology (2015) “A tradeoff between competition and survival drives extinction in fluctuating environments”

  • Gordon Conference on Microbial Stress Responses (2014) “Deterministic and Stochastic Stress Responses”

  • Gordon Conference on Microbial Population Biology (2011) “Stochastic switchers as an evolutionary route to multicellularity”

  • Gordon Research Conference: Stochastic Physics in Biology (2011) “Stochastic switchers as an evolutionary route to multicellularity”

  • 15th Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) & 6th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB). Vienna, Austria. (2007) “Probing the Probeset”

  • MITACS (The Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems) and CAIMS (Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society) joint Meeting. (2006) “Probing the Probeset”

Public Science Communication

  • National Science on Screen Day “ Young Frankenstein and How I Got Here” (2015)
    frank Me as Young Frankenstein

  • Science Radio Cafe interview (2015)

  • Science on Screen “ Alien and the Evolution of Complex Parasite Life Cycles” (2014)

  • Science Radio Cafe interview about research (2014)

  • Science Club “Routes to Multicellularity” (2014)

  • Wrote “Pond scum offers clues to life’s puzzles” in Santa Fe New Mexican (2014)

  • Slice of Science “The Biological Individual” (2014)

  • Radio NZ: Our Changing World interview about research (2011)

AAAS Mass Media Fellowship VOA

  • Radio and online science journalist VOA, author of 21 pieces (2008)