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Eric Libby

“Assistant professor at Umeå University interested in the evolution of biological complexity"

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Curriculum Vitae

Eric Libby Omidyar Fellow, Santa Fe Institute
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Email: elibby at Google Scholar

Past Positions

2009–2013: Post-Doctoral Fellow, New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study Advisor: Paul Rainey
2008–2008: AAAS Mass Media Fellow, Voice of America, Washington DC
2002–2007: Ph.D. Center for Nonlinear Dynamics, Dept. Physiology
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Thesis- [Investigations into the design and dissection of genetic networks]
Advisor: Leon Glass
1998–2002: Bachelor of Arts in Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University


In review
  • Hebert-Dufresne L., Allard A., Noel P-A.,Young J-G., Libby E. Strategic tradeoffs in competitor dynamics on adaptive networks. posted to arXiv link (in review at Nature Communications )

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  • Libby E., Driscoll W.W., Ratcliff W.C. Programmed cell death can increase the efficacy of microbial bet-hedging. posted to bioRxiv link (in review at Scientific Reports )

  • Postdocs of SFI including Libby E. Dynamics of beneficial epidemics. posted to arXiv link (in review at Nature Communications )

  • Kallus, Y., Miller, J., Libby E. Paradoxes in microbial trade of leaky goods. posted to bioRxiv link (in review at Nature Communications )

  • Libby E., Grochow, J., DeDeo, S., Wolpert, D. A quantitative definition of organismality and its application to lichen. posted to arXiv link (in review)

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2012 and earlier
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