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Eric Libby

Research fellow at the Sante Fe Institute studying the evolution of biological complexity

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Lecturer in Genetics and Evolution at Massey University (2009-2012)
Lectures on evolutionary algorithms, game theory, lac operon models, genetic networks, systems biology, the evolution of cooperation

Teaching assistant for Mathematical Models in Biology (2003-2006)
Tutorial series on finite difference equations, boolean network dynamics, fractals, continuous differential equations, and chaos.
Textbook for Mathematical Methods in Biology


SFI Complex Systems Winter School (Mohali, India) 2015
Microbial ecology lecture series

SFI Complex Systems Summer School (Santa Fe, USA) 2014
Lecture on the evolution of biological complexity

CIMAT Mathematical Modeling of Biological Systems (Guanajuato, Mexico) 2012
Mathematics in evolution lecture series


Introduction to programming in MATLAB for SFI REUs

Complexity Explorer: Online Course (MOOC tutorial) on Optimization Theory (in prep for 2016 release)

McGill Lab TAs

Cardiovascular lab with electrocardiographs (2003, 2007)

Compound action potentials with frog sciatic nerves (2005, 2006)

Fourier analysis of sleeping cycles and blood pressure (2004-2006)

Modeling circadian rhythm genetic networks (2005)

Vestibular ocular reflex (2004)

Signal acquisition and processing with Fourier transforms (2003)

Modeling chemical reactions with differential equations (2003)