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Eric Libby

Assistant professor at Umeå University interested in the evolution of biological complexity

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My research focuses on the evolution of biological complexity– particularly the origins of multicellularity, life cycles, syntrophy, and organizational scales. Essentially, I am interested in how simple organisms evolve into complex ones. This topic is not only fascinating but it is fundamental to understanding the evolution and ecology of life– both on earth and elsewhere in the “verse”.

— NEWS —

  • 5/09/19: I will be speaking at the Workshop on Modelling in Biology and Medicine (MBM) in Gothenburg. It will be a fun meeting!

  • 4/16/19: I am looking for a PhD student to work with me on the evolutionary origins of eukaryotes. Contact me if you have any questions. Read more and apply here

  • 3/01/19: Our publication “Shortsighted Evolution Constrains the Efficacy of Long-Term Bet Hedging” is out at American Naturalist. See here. Thanks to the excellent (and thorough) review process at American Naturalist.

  • 2/21/19: Finished my course on Linear Algebra. Thanks to the students for their hard work and persistence.

  • 1/08/19: Our paper “Predicting mutational routes to new adaptive phenotypes” is out at eLife. Read it here and some news coverage of the lead author and my colleague at Umeå University, Peter Lind.

  • 11/08/18: Our publication “Environmentally Mediated Social Dilemmas” is out at Trends in Ecology and Evolution. See here. Thanks to all my co-authors!

  • 11/02/18: Awarded a VR grant from the Swedish Research Council!!! Contact me if you are interested in working on the evolutionary origins of endosymbiosis.

  • 10/31/18: Participated in the Evolutionary Emergence of Life cycles workshop at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology.

  • 10/20/18: The new Laboratory for Agnostic Biosignatures is up and running. I am happy to be working with such a stellar collection of researchers on such an out of this world project. There are some great postdoc positions available. See here.

  • 10/03/18: Finished my lecturing for 5MA121 and 5MA122 courses on differential equations. Congratulations to the students. It was a whirlwind tour.

  • 8/19/18: Attended the Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology in beautiful Montpellier, France. Gave a talk “Life cycle structure shapes the path to an evolutionary transition in individuality” at the Major Transitions In Individuality and Levels of Selection symposium. Thanks to Guy Cooper, Asher Leeks, and Matishalin Patel for organizing.

  • 6/14/18: Spoke at the “Leon Glass and Michael C. Mackey Diamond Symposium”. Fantastic event!

  • 5/24/18: Have a fully-funded PhD position available! Please contact me if you are interested. The official call for applications will come out later.

  • 4/18/18: Participated in the very stimulating workshop New Opportunities to Study Origins of the Eukaryotic Cell hosted at HHMI Janelia Research Campus.

  • 2/14/18: Finished my lecturing for 5MA160 course on linear algebra. Congratulations to the students, you are free!

  • 1/18/18: Our work on how programmed cell death can facilitate bet-hedging strategies has been published at Scientific reports.

  • 12/01/17: I have officially started a faculty position in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Umeå University.