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Eric Libby

Assistant professor at Umeå University interested in the evolution of biological complexity

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My research focuses on the evolution of biological complexity– particularly the origins of multicellularity, life cycles, syntrophy, and organizational scales. Essentially, I am interested in how simple organisms evolve into complex ones. This topic is not only fascinating but it is fundamental to understanding the evolution and ecology of life– both on earth and elsewhere in the “verse”.

— NEWS —

  • 6/3/18: Our new preprint “Disentangling the effects of genetic architecture, mutational bias and selection on evolutionary forecasting” is on bioRxiv.

  • 5/24/18: Have a fully-funded PhD position available! Please contact me if you are interested. The official call for applications will come out later.

  • 4/18/18: Participated in the very stimulating workshop New Opportunities to Study Origins of the Eukaryotic Cell hosted at HHMI Janelia Research Campus.

  • 2/14/18: Finished my lecturing for 5MA160 course on linear algebra. Congratulations to the students, you are free!

  • 1/18/18: Our work on how programmed cell death can facilitate bet-hedging strategies has been published at Scientific reports.

  • 12/01/17: I have officially started a faculty position in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Umeå University.