Industrial economics

Umeå University thesis course 5MA145.

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This is a thesis course 5MA145 for a master’s degree in industrial economics. The students set up a collaborative project with a company and conduct independent work within one of the areas of the industrial economics education. I serve as the academic mentor to the thesis with regular meetings to help the student produce an appropriate thesis.

Here are some of my students:

  • William Fritzell (2023) Work in progress at Lloyds Bank in Amsterdam
  • Moa Nordin (2022) “Scenario based warehousing simulation in a low volume/high-mix” at Bosch Rexroth Mellansel
  • Elias Björklund (2021) “Trading strategies based on a pattern detection algorithm” at Amplify Capital
  • Julia Karlsson & Moa Sjöström (2020) “Forecasts of PMI” at Nordea
  • Lovisa Westerlund & Ioanna Kalpakidou (2019) “An Optimization of a Retailer’s Allocation Algorithm: MRP and Demand Forecasting Cosmetic Products” at a Swedish retail company
Eric Libby
Eric Libby
Associate professor

My research addresses how simple organisms evolve to be complex.